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Fencing an age old tradition

Humans have been using different materials since time immemorial for fencing our properties. We have undertaken fencing initiatives for many reasons some of the more important aspects are security, demarcation of rights to property, and to protect our crops.

In the modern world with land becoming scarce and food production dwindling saving the little we have has become high on our agendas. With the world in general and Australia in particular, becoming urbanized rapidly, land is becoming sparse, and when we move into a new home after purchasing it we need to get our priorities right.

The first would be to secure our perimeter with adequate fencing. The material we would use to construct the fencing does not matter but it needs to be strong, sturdy and able to withstand the vagaries of nature.

Your fences could be timber fencing, screen fencing or colorbond fencing or whichever other materials you choose the important criteria would be to choose the best fencing contractors. There are many who profess that they undertake the construction of fences, but they would not be experienced enough to handle a diverse portfolio.

Installing of fences requires experienced, trained and professional hands and if you commission amateurs it is very likely that you would have to rue your decision in the future. There are many fencing contractors who advertise their chores, but would not have the experienced personnel and tools to complete the work successfully.

The installation of timber fencing, colorbond fencing andscreen fencing needs meticulous care and the professional touch. Without the right tools and personnel you could be throwing your money away when you contract such companies to install your fencing.

Swimming pools in your backyard could be veritable deathtraps for unattended toddlers and little children. Protecting your loved ones from the inherent dangers is imperative. Installing some type of pool fencing is important, and by installing glass pool fencing you would have the added advantage of having unhindered visibility towards your pool at any given time.

Whilst glass pool fencing is versatile it adds a sense of invisibility and invincibility to the area around the pool. Our priority is a protective barrier around the swimming pool and achieving it in style keeping your pool invitingly desirable is efficientpoolfencing, techniques. Your visitors would love the ambience around and it would be envied.     



Get a paving franchise and join the family

We consider each and every one of our 3,200 franchisees as a part of a very large and cohesive family. Our mutual interests and energies are directed to satisfy our myriad of customers, and be number one in the market place. All our franchisees maintain the highest standards, when executing their responsibilities and that is what makes us standout as the company with top class workmanship. We are the envy of others and are proud of the fact that we set the standards that others follow.

Buy Paving business from us and we will train you and give you all the finer points that we have learnt over the years to make you the best in the territory allocated to you. A Paving Franchise from us is your passport to a very lucrative career in Paving.

After our comprehensive training provided we will allocate a specific territory to you, and for which you will be totally responsible for installations and maintenance. Our online marketing, advertising and customer servicing will enable you to concentrate on the tasks ahead and not worry about finding for customers. Our systems would help you 24 X 7 and you would always have plenty of work which you will be responsible to execute within the time frames given.

Our portfolio will be Paving of Driveways, Spray Paving, Coatings, and Permeable paving but not limited to the above. We would be allocating different tasks as and when the need and the demand by the market arise. Permeable floors must be completed with care as areas with spilling liquids could be dangerous and cause injury. All work carried out by you will be of the highest standards and we will monitor your performance closely.

You would only pay a fixed prior agreed amount and additionally for some leads provided to you. You will be guided throughout and your success is our success. Our family of franchisees has set the bar for workmanship very high and our competitors strive to keep up with us. The four pillars that hold our business is honesty, reliability, integrity and transparency. We have striven to always uphold the vision of our founder Jim Penman, and have successfully done so, and have never let his ideals down.